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Stories 2023
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Ferguson, Karen

Not Far From the Tree

Karen Ferguson

Mom’s attempt at protection felt like punishment and led to rebellion. Her prediction—“One day you’re going to have a child just like you”—was prescient.

Duve, Bella

Thunder and Lightning

Bella Duve

While living in the family's old mobile home, storms were scary. So Mom began a practice of making pancakes to soothe her daughters.

Racco, Marilisa


Marilisa Racco

Mom and her three sisters constitute an Italian-flavored version of Little Women, each with her own distinct cooking personality.

Kennedy, Janella

Red Velvet Road

Janella Kennedy

Mom left home and traveled North for a promised sense of worth. But not all memories of the South were troubling, like the groaning table of desserts.

Powell, LaToya

A Seat at the Table

LaToya Powell

Stripping stems from collard greens with Mama and the aunties was an opportunity to learn about being of service to others and making your voice heard.

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